DSE Disrupted Tech Talk Approaching Sold Out

February 5, 2014 by Dave Haynes

dse-spkrThe Digital Signage Expo team tells me the seminar on Disrupted Technology that I’m chairing/moderating/referee’ing a week today ion Las Vegas is approaching sold out.

There were 100 registrants as of today and the room can take a dozen or so more. So … let’s sell it out!!!

The session is Wed. Feb. 12 at 4, at one of the conference rooms for DSE, which are … somewhere at or near the Sand’s Expo.

It sadly runs at the same time as cocktail hour with Four Winds and Synnex on the show floor, which makes me sad. But then again, I have three other cocktail things that evening, so this is probably a good problem.

Session S13, from 4 to 5 on the 12th, is bluntly called: DIGITAL SIGNAGE DISRUPTED.

In this session, participants will discover how rapidly emerging technologies like ARM devices, HTML5 and RaspberryPi are dramatically changing the landscape for end-users and vendors.  

My panelists are a solid bunch:

We’ll cover Pi, HTML5, Android, system on chip “smart” displays, 4k and a broader look at the future state of technology as it applies to this sector.

This is the trade show’s registration page if you want to attend … 

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