Preset Mixer Sponsor Profiles: Multiband

February 4, 2014 by Dave Haynes


Last but by no means least in our series of profiles of Preset Mixer Sponsors is Multiband, which in very broad strokes does digital signage deployments across the US and into Canada. I asked Matt Weldon, the National Sales Director for Multiband Subscriber Services, to readers and particularly Mixer attendees an idea of what his Twin Cities-based company does.

Q: Can you give me the story on what Multiband is all about?

multiband_logo_Slogan_blackA: At our core, Multiband is a nationwide technology deployment company.  We provide services in a number of verticals including telecommunications, DAS (Distributed Antenna Systems), Wi-Fi, Satellite and, of course, Digital Signage.

Essentially, if a human is needed to install or service technology or communications systems, we’ve got it covered from coast to coast.  Now that we are part of Goodman Networks, we have enhanced our customer list to include some of the largest service providers, as well as some of the top enterprises and well-known sports teams and venues.

Q: How large is the company?

A: That has changed over the course of 2013.  Last fall, we were acquired by a Plano, TX based wireless services company, Goodman Networks.  We are very excited about the additional resources and horsepower we have at our disposal. 

Between Multiband and Goodman Networks we employ over 5,000 employees and have a total of 60 offices across the United States. We currently have around 2,700 employee techs and complete about 6,000 site visits a day as a company, which added up to about 1.5 million work orders last year.

Q: We assume your guys can hang and bang screens all over the country, but what’s the full scope of what Multiband can do?

A:  Our customer needs have really dictated that, and it has evolved over the past few years.  Instead of only being viewed as a field labor resource, we are much more involved in system design and the ongoing maintenance of those systems.  We are also engaged more frequently to provide staging and kitting of equipment for deployment, as well as keeping hot swap inventory for service programs in our many warehouse locations.  We offer a wide range of services and are positioned very well to fill whatever gaps our customers may have to round out the complete offering to their clients. 

Q: Are there particular verticals that are hotter than others?

A – There are a number of verticals that are showing signs of growth.  Healthcare and QSR have remained strong, and we’ve seen quite a bit of activity in the retail space, as well.  Overall, 2013 was a very strong year.

Q: What would you love your customers to understand about deployments?

A: Involve us early in the process.  I’ve seen too many projects where the deployment partner is engaged late in the game. There is a lot of time and energy invested in these projects and the installation component seems to be an after-thought in many cases.

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6,000 sites visits a day! To quote Shakespeare, Holy Crap!

That’s all of our sponsors in profile. Thanks to all of them for supporting the Mixer!!!

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