Exterity, Cilutions Create New Streaming Digital Signage Offer

January 27, 2014 by Dave Haynes

exterityI don’t see that much IPTV stuff being marketed in the digital signage space, even though it looks like a pretty nice fit in cases where streaming video is already something a business does and digital signage is just a bolt-on.

Here’s a Scottish company that’s been doing IPTV for a long time, and has teamed up with a small US software firm to offer a new solution. Edinburgh-based Exterity is at ISE in Amsterdam this week launching Exterity HD Digital Signage, which bridges the company’s video over IP gear with the Digital Media Bridge software written by Gaithersburg, Maryland-based Cilutions.

Says a news release:

The system relies on the Exterity AvediaPlayer Receiver and Cilution’s Digital Media Bridge (DMB) digital signage software, enabling video content to be played on any screen connected to an Exterity Receiver. The addition of the Cilutions DMB Windows based player Screen Builder application provides advanced features such as creation and publishing of sets of digital signage and digital menu board screens to individual and groups of combined Exterity Receiver and Cilutions Media Player end points. The full interoperability of the system provides a complete HD video and signage over IP solution. The system can be integrated into an Exterity IPTV system, offering organizations one unique system to distribute digital signage, decode, transcode and distribute high quality video over IP.

The activity is controlled individually, allowing AV specialists, installers and digital signage experts to freely schedule, customize and manage digital signage. The delivery is managed through the Exterity AvediaPlayer receivers. The Exterity Digital Signage system offers organizations a ready to market solution to build and schedule looping playlists, rich Video on Demand (VoD) interactive screens, information updates or live TV on individual or groups of end points, specified via audience or location.

“The joint Exterity and Cilutions offering means that we can provide our customers with a single solution, incorporating powerful management and control functionality, to distribute signage and video,” said Colin Farquhar, CEO, Exterity. “Offering a single solution for video and signage is much more efficient and cost-effective, and means that Exterity customers only have to learn one system. Talking to our end users, SI’s and partners, we know that video is becoming an integral part of digital signage in addition to data and graphics, so it just makes sense to have a single integrated solution. With the combination of Exterity and Cilutions technology, we are able to make our customers’ lives easier and enhance their unified communication capability.”

 “Digital signage is increasingly important particularly for the corporate, transport and hospitality markets, which need to provide information in real time to a growing number of employees, passengers and guests. IP-based digital signage systems can now distribute full HD content, providing additional developments for the industry,” said William Stanton, Director of Business Development, Cilutions. “By integrating with an advanced Enterprise IPTV specialist such as Exterity, we can deliver HD video in digital signage directly through the Exterity receiver. The Exterity system allows pro-AV specialists to use a flexible platform that adapts to the organization’s IPTV system, enabling easy implementation as well as full HD distribution in any environment.”

EDITOR NOTE: PR people, take note that both these quotes are useful and neither party was pleased or delighted or excited or whatever. Instead, they ADD to the understanding of the product announcement. Don’t see that enough and see way too much of manufactured CEO quotes that no one gives a crap about.

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