Preset Mixer 2014: A Look At The Numbers

January 21, 2014 by Dave Haynes


I just sent off the annual Preset Group Mixer Name Badge spreadsheet to the event planner and, from there, the printers. The attendee list is global, but as always tilted in a massive way to North America (as I am sure DSE is, in general terms).


Here’s the attendee breakdown. The numbers are off because of stuff I won’t bore you with, but the trends are pretty clear. Tons of software folks and tons of display, playback device and mount guys. And look at all the damn consultants!!!

We never see that many end-users because they 1) don’t tend to know the space that well, and 2) have vendors not all that juiced about the idea of bringing their clients to a shark tank full of competitors. There are actually more than 7 end users coming, but some were late registrations and others are there under vendor names.

There are 41 VP/SVPs, 27 Presidents and 23 CEOs, plus a bunch partners/founders and so on. Senior-senior crowd.

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