LogMeIn Will LogYouOut If You’re Hooked On Free

January 21, 2014 by Dave Haynes

If you are digital signage network operator that uses the free version of the remote access software LogMeIn to get at your PCs in the field, you should know the Boston company just announced that free version is going away.

From the company website:

As you might have seen, today we began notifying users that we will be discontinuing LogMeIn Free and will seek to transition existing LogMeIn Free users to our paid-only remote access offering.

There are alternatives out there that are free or free-ish, but really, if you are running a network with many $1,000s tied up in hardware and software, pay a few bucks for full, proper licensing of something that gives you real device management in the field. It likely pays for itself in the one or two on-site fixes you don’t have to order.


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