16:9’s Top 10 Posts Of 2013

December 30, 2013 by Dave Haynes

TOP10-2013Here’s what Google Analytics tells me are the most read posts of 2013 on Sixteen:Nine.

As you will see, there is a very heavy interest in all things cheap and open source, which should offer some worrying clues to anyone who thinks the future of the sector is based around expensive PCs and big dollar software licenses.

There is not a lot of alternative coverage out there about Android and Raspberry Pi, so that would in part explain the high traffic for this kind of coverage.

But it’s pretty obvious the marketplace has been trained for many years now to get all kinds of high quality online services for very little (or nothing). I’ve run, for example, into numerous small companies that have dumped pricey MS Office desktop licenses for Google’s free office productivity tools.

End-users also see devices around their homes and offices (like Roku boxes and Apple TVs) that do a lot for relatively little cost. We have a user base that not only wants more for less, but has the time, inclination and budget pressures to look for workable workarounds.

  1. List: Android Options For Digital Signage
  2. Roundup: As Expected, Lots Of Raspberry Pi Activity In Digital Signage
  3. More Digital Signage Served With Raspberry Pi
  4. Rise Vision’s Digital Signage Platform Now Working On Raspberry Pi
  5. Screenly Serves Up Raspberry Pi As Alternative To Android Players
  6. WordPress As A Digital Signage Platform
  7. Add Vodigi To The Free Open Source Digital Signage Software List
  8. Android For Digital Signage: A Closer Look At Navori’s QL Solution
  9. Android For Digital Signage: A Closer Look At SignageLive’s Solution
  10. Can The Leap Motion Make A Touchless Touch Screen?

As indicated a few weeks ago, very, very few readers give a crap about new hires and appointments, small deals and events. So I barely cover them, mostly because I have the same opinion on them as the people who read 16:9. It’s interesting when a CEO gets bingo’d or a founder walks. Not so much when a vendor or network hires a new sales person.

I should note that some non-Android and Pi categories do get heavy general play, like Projects. While the readership per post is not as high, these briefs with photos of work done in the field definitely generate a lot of interest. I’m always happy to run those, AS LONG as I get pix and (better) video.

Emerging tech, in general, also gets a lot of traffic. Recent pieces on iBeacons and disruptive tech have seen a lot of readership, but they have days of page views versus months for some of the posts on this list.


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