Marriage Of Environmental Design And Digital Focus Of Upcoming Web Talk

December 18, 2013 by Dave Haynes

Dilworth, LeslieThere’s no end of webinars being run by companies and self-promoters, and the subject lines tend to get a “Yeah, whatever” from me in most cases.

But there’s a potentially good one coming up in January, as something of a lead-in to what looks to be a particularly good pre-show conference at Digital Signage Expo.

Leslie Gallery-Dilworth, the past CEO of the Society for Environmental Graphic Design, is doing a session Jan. 9th on  Dynamic Digital Environments: A Global Perspective. She’s also the moderator of DSE’s one-day master class seminar on that topic, which is all about how media technologies are transforming architecture, interior design, way finding and art.

The webcast presentation is scheduled for 2pm EDT that day. To register:


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