Hisense Latest DisplayCo To Debut Giant Quasi-Tablets

December 11, 2013 by Dave Haynes


Chinese TV manufacturer Hisense is the latest company to release a big quasi-tablet that could be used for digital signage, though the caution here is that these are TVs and not commercial panels.

However, the Hisense smart TVs run Android 4.2.2 and run the Marvell ARMADA 1500 media processor, which is what’s driving those Google Chromecast HDMI dongles (more than 20M sold this year). The units have 1GB RAM and 8GB ROM.

Pricing and availability for the H6 Smart TV – which will have 40, 50 and 55-inch versions – has not been released, as yet.

The units are just the latest case of display panels that have the horsepower to negate the need for separate playback devices. These ones by their their design are clearly meant for the living room and not a showroom, but you can see where things are headed. The Chinese will undoubtedly make the jump to commercial panels at some point, getting beyond office desktops to larger sizes.

  1. Raffi Vartian says:


    Where did you get the number for 20M units Chromecast units sold? Can you please link to the article?



  2. Dave Haynes says:

    Not a public figure but what I was told by someone close to the project, who would definitely know. And that was more than a month ago. So number likely higher given the holiday season. Good stocking stuffer.

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