McD’s UK Menu Boards Drive Sales Up By As Much As 11%: Case Study

November 26, 2013 by Dave Haynes


ComQi has put together a case study piece about work one of its partners did and is doing with McDonald’s UK, giving a still too-rare glimpse at how digital signage projects can have a direct impact on the bottom line.

Mickey D’s in the UK is using digital screens driven by ComQi software to drive sales, and the study suggest that has been bumping things up by as much as 11%.

Says the study:

Data coming back from the field suggested the digital displays had a distinctly positive impact on sales figures. Intriguingly, the best results were at the smaller stores, which have less translite menu space available. Average check size grew 1.4% overall, averaging 3% for the small and medium stores.

The testing was done against a set of control sites with similar size, footfall, customer profile and sales figures, to get a clean read on the impact of digital in the stores. The result: content on screen positively affected purchase patterns.

Beautiful coffee animations played from opening through mid-morning drove coffee sales up an average of 4.5% across the 43 test stores.

Premium and high margin products played from mid-morning to close – in six different day-part time slots – and had an even more dramatic effect:

The tests clearly showed how well presented, thoughtfully scheduled and target promotional messaging in the stores directly, positively affected purchasing behavior and bottom line revenues.

The software company is making the report available as a free download, but you have to register.

There are lots of stories out there about direct impacts on sales, but I had a client asking me the other day about where to find data. I said it was out there, but you had to scratch around because a lot of end-users don’t want to give up any hard data on what’s happening in their stores.



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