Digital Dividers Get Brand Messages On Grocery Conveyors

November 26, 2013 by Dave Haynes

We’ve seen marketers try all kinds of gadgets and gizmos to get digital screens in front of shoppers when they are out buying their groceries, but few have stuck because of issues with cost, reliability or purpose.

Like screens on shopping carts that would have to ensure endless, untold abuse.

Here’s yet another angle at getting digital in the stores, But this one, in the grocery check-out lanes, is actually pretty clever and realistic.

ADVider is a digital version of those little triangular baton-divider-thingies that everyone uses in the checkout lane at a large grocer or hypermarket to distinguish where the goods of the person ahead of them end and their own goodies start.

These ones have a 4.3-inch screen in them running brand marketing messages.

Here’s why I kinda like the things:

1 – They thought through the operating implications. The units recharge as they sit in the little guide-rail along the check-out conveyer belt. So they don’t have to be hauled off at night and plugged in somewhere. That low-tech rail doubles as a docking station, and the rail is pretty standard across grocery conveyer systems, I am told.

2 – They use HTML5 and Android, so the units run really light in terms of software/media demand. There is a light CMS for the gadget or another Android system can be applied. They have WiFi.

3 – The unit cost is $139 USD at 1K+ volumes, so a lot more than the piece of printed plastic they’d replace, but not insanely expensive. A chain with 8 checkouts per store and three of these at each would be looking at less than $3,400 per location.

I also like that they can be plugged into the RS-232 out of the POS machine and be a price display.


“Waiting in line to pay for your groceries can now be far more entertaining with this innovative portable unit. The unit is based on the Beatpixels digital signage architecture, with an option to utilize the client’s existing digital network if that’s preferred,” says Jason Robinson, Managing Director of Beatpixels Ltd, the company behind the product.

Beatpixels, by the way, is also a big DOOHgood supporter, so bonus points for that!

More on the system here:

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