2014 Preset Group Digital Signage Expo Mixer Taking Shape

November 19, 2013 by Dave Haynes


Planning for the 2014 Preset Mixer started, in some ways, right after the 2013 edition.

We loved the space, so we put a hold on it, and started talking about tweaks on the formula. All was tracking nicely, and then we had to make a venue change. The Hard Rock on the Strip tripled the rate to re-book, saying another group was asking about using the room that night. So we did the only logical thing. We said, “PFFFFFFT.”

So now we’re scrambling a wee bit, looking for new digs for about 350 industry friends on Feb. 11, 2014. We have places in mind, and hope to get that sorted before the end of the week. We want to control our spend for painfully obvious reasons.

I will be contacting companies about sponsorship renewal and if we have any firms that drop off, it will be a combination of first contacts to me and my not stepping on other sponsor toes (we try, for example, not to have two display company sponsors).

Assuming we get all that sorted in heaps of time, the ticket registration should go up on week one of January. I’m going to try to integrate some technology this year that might make networking a bit easier, as well as possibly some automated check-in technology. Stay tuned.

The event, as always, is on the night before the trade show floor opens. We’ve done it early the last couple of years – a 5:30 start after a day at pre-show conferences, or booth set-up, or flying/driving there. That has worked well. People can get their shine on (Paul Flanigan term) and either head for dinner, or mayhem, or their room.

Watch this space for more infor as it comes available.

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