Projects: Gorgeous Information Wall At Dutch Airport (With Video)

November 15, 2013 by Dave Haynes

Case Study: Eindhoven Airport Video Wall from SEENSPIRE on Vimeo.

I’ve noted a number of times how impactful a great piece of video can be in telling a story about a digital signage project, and lamented how so few companies do it. A crazily high percentage of PR people and marketing managers send me stuff about their projects and don’t even include photos.

Here’s a very strong video case study on a project done by Net Display Systems (NDS) and Seenspire, for fast-growing Eindhoven Airport in the Netherlands.

I love the crisp and tidy design and graphics Seenspire used.

The two companies recently announced a working partnership, with the airport job as a centerpiece.

Net Display Systems (NDS) customers can now add compelling, real-time content to their digital signage networks through a new partnership with Seenspire.

“We are excited about this collaboration, as our partners at Seenspire know exactly how to add spark to digital signage messaging,” says Peter de Jong, Business Partner Manager at NDS. “Our PADS software was already well-known for displaying real-time information, and adding Seenspire’s premium content services makes our communications capabilities even more appealing.”

Seenspire’s real-time content presents rights-cleared information from trusted sources on digital signage screens in ways that rival broadcast television. Instead of tickers or static visuals with text overlays, Seenspire uses a variety of crisp, efficient 3D animations that build and change information on screens in ways that attract and hold viewer attention.

”NDS has been an amazing partner for us,” said Samuel Mekonen Co-founder at Seenspire, “they’ve been in the digital signage business for almost 20 years, and that really shows in the quality of work, and their quick follow-up to questions and the challenges that came up in this project.”

The partnership  gives NDS customers access to Seenspire’s custom creative services – from custom content feeds to original advertising, marketing and engaging messaging.


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