DOOHgood Spot For US Networks

November 12, 2013 by Dave Haynes


Here is a really nice spot, with audio if you want to turn that on, that works on a general level for Red Cross disaster donations in the US. So it is can be used now for the Philippines, but has legs for other things that, unfortunately, are gonna happen here and around the globe.

Download link:

It is from Matt Downey and his team at Freshwater Digital Media Partners in Michigan.

The great thing with this 15-second spot, as well, is that Freshwater has rendered several versions at different resolutions and file types, so you can choose what works for your network.

Thanks SO MUCH guys!

As with the Canadian spot posted earlier, this is free to use on whatever kind of digital sign network, to help drive Reds Cross donations. If you use this on your network, I’d love to know about it.




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