DOOHgood Philippines Relief Update

November 12, 2013 by Dave Haynes


Several companies have very kindly stepped up to provide creative, and the first spots should start coming available today for Canada, the US and UK, and we also have creative being done to run IN the Philippines. The big city, Manila, dodged the worst of the typhoon.

Bing Kimpo is pretty well-known in digital signage circles and lives in the Philippines. He’s offered to get spots out to the networks running in areas where power and connectivity are up.

Those companies that stepped up: Arsenal Media (Canada), ScreenFeed (US-MN), Amigo Digital (UK), BeatPixels (UK) and InLoop Media (US-OK).

What we now need to help drive donations for the millions – yup, millions – of Filipinos affected by this storm are networks that will step up and use their remnant inventory to run these spots. We’re not asking networks to pull money-making ads, but very, very few ad networks run at 100% sold, though the VPs of Sales dream of that each night.

Keep the help coming!

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