Call For Volunteer Creative For DOOHgood Typhoon Help

November 11, 2013 by Dave Haynes


The video and images coming in from the Philippines show a staggering amount of destruction and misery. We had a big multi-national response when the tsunami hit Japan, and it would be terrific to once again see a similar response to this natural and truly nasty calamity.

First thing DOOHgood needs – and this has proven harder than it should be at times – is a 10 or 15-second spot pushing money to your national Red Cross organizations. We had numerous spots done for the tsunami, but getting ones done when twisters have hit the US midwest has been tougher.

Contact me if you can produce something (doesn’t need to be an award winner, just a base message). I can provide the suggested words, or just look at what your Red Cross is doing and build off that. We’re talking a couple of hours for somebody good at this stuff (definitely not I).

The aim is to have spots available in portrait and landscape that Digital OOH and other sign networks can run, using remnant inventory. DOOHgood os the distribution mechanism for that.


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