DSA Crowns Content Winners (Inc. Videos)

November 8, 2013 by Dave Haynes

DSA awards

The Digital Screenmedia Association held its DSA Crown Awards this week on the first evening of the Customer Engagement Technology World show in New York, broken down by the context and by content budget size.

The winners:

Point of Sale (content budget of $10,000 or more)

Point of Sale (content budget less than $10,000)

Point of Transit ($10,000 or more)

Point of Transit (less than $10,000)

Point of Wait ($10,000 or more)

Point of Wait (less than $10,000)

The judges were, yay, people who actually know content and interactive: Manolo Almagro of TPN, Michael Chase of St. Joseph Content, Paul Flanigan of DSA, Pat Hellberg of something called The Preset Group, Keith Kelsen of 5th Screen and Anne White of HypeHouse. One of my tired rants has to do with awards being judged by trade journalists who’ve never opened After-Effects or run a deployment. So clap-clap-clap for the DSA getting qualified judges.


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