Seenspire Releases Gorgeous Digital Signage Holiday Video Packs

October 29, 2013 by Dave Haynes

The content company Seenspire does some really nice work both on the creative and scripting side, and has just released a package of videos that cover 12 holidays and events – from Christmas to St. Paddy’s Day – with two versions of each.

The nice wrinkle here is that part of the deal is the company will take a client’s logo and encode it properly into the video, so it fits and looks like it belongs (and not bolted on). They’ll also do a brief message, like Happy Mother’s Day from the staff at Blah Blah Inc.

It’s a pretty good deal given the quality and how they do the heavy lifting on the logo part. You can buy canned stuff from stock video sites, but it doesn’t look all that good and is not custom unless you get someone to monkey around in AfterEffects.

You can buy four holidays of your choice, or the whole 24 pack – what we Canadians would call a two-four (if we were buying beer) – for $1,800, which works out to about $75 a pop. There is a Halloween 2-pack in there, so you might want to order fast and get that one in.

These are perpetual use licenses, so you buy this once and you can use it as many times and for as many years as you want (on your own network).

  1. I’ve done creative myself and want to spend my time with coding and meeting with customers and such so I started collaborating with some people who can do creative with and for me because here in the US nobody is fool enough to pay $1800 for some pictures of a bunch of pumpkins. lol

  2. Dave Haynes says:

    If you can get this level of creative done for $75-$100, that’s great.

    But you’d be the exception, not the rule.

    You’d typically pay well north of $100 just for a stock video file, and then you’d need to get the customization done

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