Sightings: Projection Mapping In Montreal

September 13, 2013 by Dave Haynes


I have been up in Montreal the last couple of days and out last night in this terrific city having dinner with clients/friends in the arts district, much of which is now lit up by large format projection systems.

Several buildings in the area have been 3D-mapped  and are now permanently lit at night with public art as part of an urban revitalization project. Some work lately has got me way up the learning curve on what projection mapping is all about, and this University of Quebec at Montreal building is one of the nicer examples I’ve come across so far.

The building has been aligned and masked so that media produced for this facade aligns nicely with the curves and works around the wide rows of windows. The visuals and color schemes steadily evolve through the evening.

The systems run year-round, which is a bit of a chore given that Montreal is lovely in the summer but snowy and COLD most winters.

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