Video: The Impending Android Invasion

September 4, 2013 by Dave Haynes

While BroadSign is unabashedly promoting the features, benefits and comparative benefits of its Android digital signage offer versus the dozens of other ones that have popped up in the last two years, it’s also a really good primer for understanding how the Google mobile operating system applies to this sector.

The preferred choice for many smartphone owners, the Android operating system can be viewed as a mobile phone magnate. It’s no wonder that the adaptable, low-cost and high-performance mobile technology is now being adopted by hardware manufacturers and introduced to the realm of digital signage – an act that has opened the doors for a complete Android invasion.

While invasions can sometimes carry negative connotations, the Android invasion will benefit network operators, agencies and end users alike. Contrary to PC-based hardware alternatives, Android runs on little power, stays cool, has no moving parts and delivers high performing playback. What’s more, the fact that it runs on mobile hardware means that Android-based media players sell for approximately one tenth the cost of comparable PCs.

The Impending Android Invasion is worth a review just to get a sense of the landscape, though video host Dan Parisien understandably spins this as something BroadSign is more on top of than other companies.


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