Projects: Press Coffee At PHX

August 16, 2013 by Dave Haynes


Here’s a new project involving QSR menu displays at Press Coffee Food & Wine, terminal 4 at Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport.

Five 55-inch Samsung displays are being used to display menu items and promote various feature items and daily specials. Advision Media and KarePKG Solutions did the deal and work, and the system is using Capital Networks’ Audience content management platform.

In a press release, Capital says its Audience platform got the nod based on scalability and a need to automatically daypart items offered during different times of day.

“Perhaps the most essential requirement, and the reason we ran with Audience, is that the software needed to be highly reliable” adds Dwight Moss, Founder/President of Advision. “We needed a system that the client could trust to perform at all times. At Press Coffee, the digital menu is the only way customers order. There are no printed menus. Audience absolutely provides the reliability we were looking for. It’s a very robust product and the client is very pleased.”

I like the sightlines. Not too high and embedded in the overall layout of the place.

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