DPAA Summit Touts Notion Of Video Everywhere

August 12, 2013 by Dave Haynes


The Digital Place-based Advertising Association – aka the DPAA – has announced Video Everywhere is the theme for its 6th annual media summit, set for Oct. 22 in New York.

The event at the Hilton New York is expected to pull some 450 people, the majority from the brand and agency side of the business.

With the advent of mobile, tablets and the web, we have moved full speed ahead into a video agnostic world in which planning and buying are no longer tethered to television alone,” reasons Barry Frey, president and CEO of the DPAA.  “Consumers are encountering video content everywhere; out of home, in specific venues and on the go. Digital place-based media has earned a place at the table alongside all other video and digital options and stands out for its ability to reach consumers at the moment of truth on the way to making brand and purchase decisions. ‘Video Everywhere’ is the ideal theme for our summit because it addresses this new world order and also speaks to our business model to grow the sector.”

Confirmed speakers to date are:

Yup, video is everywhere. But this space is a long, long, long way from being “video agnostic” as Barry suggests. Most of it is missing the “sound” part of the whole sight, sound and motion thing that some people like to sell, and a decent chunk of it is a portrait format you’re only maybe going to also see on a mobile ad.

That said, the DPAA puts on a solid event.

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