Projects: Telecom Italia’s New Flagship In Rome

July 1, 2013 by Dave Haynes


The work that has been taking me way overseas involves a telecoms company, so I was intrigued by this release today from YCD Multimedia about work they have done with an Italian wireless retailer.

Telecom Italia has opened a new flagship store at Fiumicino – Leonardo da Vinci Airport, Rome’s international airport, and loaded the place with video walls and interactive – all aimed at raising the customer experience.

The project is managed by DOOH.IT, a longtime YCD partner, and uses YCD’s software platform in a setup that has video walls, kiosks and interactive applications.

Says the release:

Inside the space of a digital atrium customers can experience contents ranging from entertainment, advertising and promotion, to brand video and tablet-based resources. Telecom Italia’s customer is surrounded by a complete brand experience with multiple digital displays. The airport’s store is a Telecom Italia’s communications network showcase, where the customer is connected through sound, motion, information and visualization.

The flagship store is divided into various areas, communicating specific messages, such as brand promotion, special offers, services and more. At certain times during the day displays are synchronized, delivering the value of shared communication. All of the in-store content is provided along with the Telecom Italia’s current advertising and commercial campaigns.


“The Telecom Italia flagship store at Fiumicino – Leonardo da Vinci Airport represents a unique innovative digital store concept, strengthening our brand image as an advanced company at the forefront of technology, using it with the aim of closing the gap between the customer and the company,” said Grazia Butera, Telecom Italia Consumer Communication BTL manager. “The ability to provide the customer with interactive information and spectacular, entertaining content creates a unique experience. Real-time updates and content distribution are the basis of our efficiency effort and of our desire to provide the client with the latest information.”

“The project at Telecom Italia’s flagship store reflects the inherent experiential depth of in-store digital multimedia and its contribution to the relationship between the customer and the vendor,” said Noam Levavi, YCD’s CEO. “The ability to combine essential information with innovative brand experience, creates an atmosphere where shopping is about more than just a purchase alone.”

“Digital Out Of Home communication really gets to the next level when you have a chance to work with the brand from the very beginning, designing together the experience delivered to the target” said Roberto Vogliolo, DOOH.IT’s CEO. “This is exactly what happened with Telecom Italia’s flagship store project, where technology has been perfectly integrated with the creative communication concept.”

Not sure I am that fond of the design and particularly the white horizontal lines that make it looks like someone did a crap job of installing network cables,and the device galleries inside the glass cases look a little slapdash. But the overall, organized approach of timed marketing messages and experiential, I like.


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