Intel Confirms Rumors; Launches Software Platform

June 20, 2013 by Dave Haynes


After several weeks of not all that closely held rumor and speculation, Intel has announced it is getting into the digital signage software game with something it has dubbed Retail Client Manager, or RCM.

RCM is being described as a “simple and cost-effective content management system for digital signage solutions” – which puts it in league with about 300 others that say just that.

Says today’s release:

Intel RCM provides a simple interface for marketing professionals, enabling them to create new campaigns and promotions in minutes, customize content instantly and control each screen individually in a secure and manageable environment. Intel RCM also enables marketers to create multiple zones within each digital sign and supports most formats including HD video, Adobe Flash, static image and web content, maximizing the impact by creating a consistent, powerful impression across multiple points of a consumer’s experience.

“Digital signage is rapidly changing the advertising landscape and becoming a preferred channel for marketing professionals looking to reach customers with relevant content near the point-of-sale,” said Joe Jensen, general manager of Intel’s Retail Solutions Division. “With the addition of Intel RCM to our portfolio of retail solutions, our customers are able to easily create and manage attention-grabbing campaigns while ensuring they are reaching the right customer, at the right time, with the right product.”

Me: the right customer, time, product thing is up there with content is king in the over-used statement department.

When paired with Intel® Audience Impression Metrics Suite (Intel® AIM Suite), an anonymous viewer analytics technology, Intel RCM offers retailers a powerful tool for more personalized, meaningful and relevant advertising. This capability anonymously counts the number of viewers, gender and age group and dwell time for each digital sign, enabling brands to tailor advertising content based on audience demographics. Using Intel AIM suite, retailers can also gauge the effectiveness of content by measuring the length of time viewers spend looking at displays and which ads captured the attention of passersby.

Spafax Networks*, a division of WPP’s tenthavenue* and a leader in the creation of branded content and advertising sales, believes solutions that address the need for simplified content management and relevant advertising are greatly needed in the industry in order to push digital signage forward as an advertising platform.

“As shoppers take more and more control over their shopping experience, retailers and brands have to provide anytime, anywhere marketing campaigns to make an impact on buying decisions,” said Patrick Bonomo, chief operating officer of Spafax Networks. “Standardized and manageable digital place-based signage platforms are a key industry requirement that allows marketers to reach these tech-savvy shoppers. We are working closely with Intel to integrate the Intel Retail Client Manager into our buying platform to offer advertisers an efficient method of reaching on-the-go audiences and delivering experiences that are relevant, effective, managed and secure.”

Me: Hmmm … so perhaps Vistar Media is then involved, because of their Spafax ties? Either way, this is reminiscent of early Vukunet/AdVuku, crica Nov. 2009. [highlight color=”eg. yellow, black”](See comments – Vistar says Nope)[/highlight]

For those inside IT departments tasked with implementing and managing the tool, Intel RCM allows them to manage user access, receive real-time error reports and respond to end-user interactions. The platform is also optimized for Intel® CoreTM vProTM processors with Intel® Active Management Technology (Intel® AMT) enabling remote management and diagnosis of digital signage networks. This reduces costly onsite maintenance visits, allowing centralized IT teams to power-cycle machines, repair software issues, power-down systems and install software updates and security patches.

Me: AMT has been around for a while now, and IS a good, good thing – though good remote management software tools will do the job, as well.

Digital signage solutions based on Intel RCM are available through Avnet Embedded and Seneca. Subscription base price for Intel RCM is $16.95 per month, per player, billed annually.

Me: So the price is at the lower, but certainly not the lowest, end of the SaaS pricing spectrum.

Not a lot else in there in terms of detail, depth of the product, scope of capability – so very hard to do more than say, “Well, they did it.”

My first take is I don’t quite understand the strategy. As mentioned, there are not a lot of people out in the streets hollering, “If only I could find a simple digital signage software platform for less than $17/month.”

Well, not on my street anyway.

Intel joins a healthy list of very large companies that have intro’d signage software packages, including Cisco, LG, Sony, Samsung, NEC, Sharp (I think) and some I am forgetting.

[highlight color=”eg. yellow, black”]UPDATE[/highlight]

Found the microsite …

Product Brief


Video Demo

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  1. Jeremy Ozen says:

    For the record, Vistar Media is not working with Intel. We are agnostic to content management systems.

  2. Dave Haynes says:

    Thanks Jeremy. I have tweaked the copy to reflect that clarification. While there is some connective tissue via SpaFax, you guys work with whoever.

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