IAdea Releases New Scala-Certified Enterprise Devices

June 18, 2013 by Dave Haynes

XDS-1062-iconLongtime 16:9 advertisers IAdea has announced a series of devices today that are certified to support software company Scala‘s enterprise software.

The new devices, says IAdea, incorporate core enhancement technologies from IAdea to offer superior system stability and display quality compared to commodity playback devices available in the market.

In its news release, IAdea says: “The 10-inch XDS-1062 digital signboard meets the needs of retail product promotion and corporate conference room reservation signage perfectly. It comes with built-in support for PoE (a.k.a. IEEE 802.3af “Power-over-Ethernet”), making installation extremely easy. PoE rolls network signal and power supply into one ordinary CAT5 cable, providing greater stability over traditional WiFi networking, and easier installation than “wall-wart” power supplies.

The device further includes a motion sensor, allowing the display to be triggered when a viewer comes into range. A high-res version XDS-1068 with touch screen is also available, as well as an entry-level XDS-1060 without the PoE feature. All three devices feature 300-nit enhanced brightness displays, built-in 2-watt speakers, and standard VESA mount for robust mounting.

New IAdea media players are available for applications that integrate larger displays. Top-of-the-line is the XMP-2400 featuring HD video-in capability for integrating live video from TV tuners and video cameras into digital signage, suitable for restaurants and sports bars. The model includes HDMI and VGA video output ports, as well as RS-232 for integration with professional displays. The XMP-2300 targets applications needing HDMI output only and no RS-232. For the absolutely low-budget project, the XMP-2200 is available without the WiFi connection. All IAdea devices support playback trigger by buttons and motion sensors using the optional IAdea GPIO adapter.

The rich range of devices work with the new Scala Enterprise software, the proven, feature-rich, market-leading solution for large-scale deployments. Users can take advantage of flexible and dynamic content scheduling functions of the software, and be assured that the system provides the robustness and architecture for future expansion.

Scala suggest the new set-up means marketers only need to take four simple steps to publish digital content.

IAdea has also set up a program exclusive to Scala certified partners that throws in a custom bezel with the signboards, and another one that provides a master image of the system set-up for volume customers.

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