Rise Vision’s Digital Signage Platform Now Working On Raspberry Pi

June 10, 2013 by Dave Haynes

raspberrypi1The ongoing push to drive technology costs pretty much right out of digital signage continues, and now a developer has taken Toronto-based Rise Vision’s free, open source platform and got it running on the ultra low cost Raspberry Pi micro PCs.

The developer has a post on the Rise Forum:

I have a working, full feature RV player on my Pi board using the new Java Rise player. Here is my how-to document I put together for those interested. 

Looking forward to everyones feedback and results, some time soon I will be playing around with developing an installer script for this mod/implementation for the Pi board. 

I would also stress that although the Pi board is super cheap and a neat option for a player, it’s hardware is not sufficient for anything but the most basic of presentation without much heavy animation or media content, that said, many presentations fall into this category so it’s a good fit for some cases. Also the resolution on the generation 2 Pi board is limited to 1360×768.

That last point is important. The Pi devices were intended for educators and teaching kids computing, and is not really a commercial product. It JUST has the power to work, but JUST. There are other devices that cost a bit more, but offer more power.

That stated, this sort of thing shows a pretty clear path of hardware and software costs heading steadily south for most of the market, save the big enterprise accounts that insist on certain specs and software/server environments.

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