Haivision Puts CoolSign On Android


One of the things I try to coach clients on, when I am writing for them, is to NOT issue press releases immediately before or during big vertical market trade shows. People are traveling, away from their desks, really busy … so stuff gets missed. Like this announcement: CoolSign Is On Android, Too.

That was announced in Feb. during DSE, but I was too screaming busy to notice, as I suspect many others were. I just noticed it today because Haivision has something out today about what it is showing at InfoComm next week, INCLUDING CoolSign on Android.

The news from Feb. 26:

The Mantaray player for CoolSign is described as “an integrated player appliance combining the powerful CoolSign ad player technology with a cost-effective and reliable Android-based operating system. Designed for networks that scale, CoolSign and Mantaray offer stadiums, universities, and global corporations sophisticated content management, dynamic data, and scheduling.”

Mantaray incorporates CoolSign’s DataWatcher technology for real-time and automated information updates and supports player-level scheduling, multiple regions, smooth tickers, full-motion 1080p60 video playout, and wired or wireless network connections. Using Mantaray, CoolSign network administrators get real-time playout feedback, playlogs, and can manage and upgrade players remotely.

“Low-cost players, like the Mantaray, drive much needed broad distribution of media, but without enterprise-grade management, signage networks become ineffective,” said Peter Maag, chief marketing officer at Haivision. “Haivision’s goal is to enable controlled rich-media delivery to the widest possible audience, with scalability and reliability. As a hallmark of the digital signage industry, CoolSign is field-proven with some of the most diverse deployments globally.”

Mantaray’s single unit list price is less than $500. 

Hmmm. Given that everyone else doing Android is sub-$200 and some are sub-$100, that will be a bit of a tough sell.

Dave Haynes

Dave Haynes

Editor/Founder at Sixteen:Nine
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1 thought on “Haivision Puts CoolSign On Android”

  1. This is actually a very misunderstood topic in today’s world of digital signage. I am glad you pointed it out.

    1) The other Android players aren’t as cheap as you think, and most companies tie the support of each Android player to a monthly subscription. Subscriptions are typically in the $100-$300 per year per player range. Mantaray is subscription free and includes all hardware and player licenses.

    2) Integration with Android for performance based signage is complex. The operating system and driver issues are vast, and many flavours of player, operating system, and hardware capabilities exist. Haivision is expert in hardware, firmware, and software at all levels. We provide the Mantaray without annual contract as part of the CoolSign ecosystem – a true enterprise grade premise-based offering that can support thousands of connected endpoints across vast organizations.

    3) Piecing together cheap players will not save you money in the long-run. Integrators can select a run of the mill SaaS signage company, source players with inconsistent performance from a variety of vendors, hope to do the integration, connect it together, pray it works. They will pay capital cost of the players and the recurring fees – forever. So, in contrast to the sub-$500 of the Mantaray, maybe the first year will be cheaper, but it will certainly be much more painful. During the second year the total cost of the Mantaray/CoolSign solution will be cheaper – and it will actually work through the first year.

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