Projects: Clorox Promotion Pushes Consumer Photos To LED Board

May 29, 2013 by Dave Haynes

CNL_Clorox_02_DistributionClorox recently promoted its new Smart Tube Technology which, I guess, cleans stuff, using a mobile to big-ass digital billboard in Toronto’s big Yonge and Dundas Square are, which is kinda sorta like Times Square.

Put together by Titan Outdoor and using Capital Networks’ Audience software – which already drives a pile of the screens in the square, the goal of the two-day event was to have consumers experience SmartTube for themselves and have a big photo shown on Titan’s  2,400 square foot, curved LED board.

Clorox had the the ability to upload, schedule and display photographs on the LED board within minutes of being taken on the street. Presumably there were field marketing teams handing out samples, encouraging people to participate, and cleaning stains like nobody’s business.


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