DOOHgood And Help Moore, OK’s F5 Survivors

May 22, 2013 by Dave Haynes


Even on the other side of the world the Moore, OK F5 tornado is big news, and a couple of emails came in to me here suggesting DOOHgood needs to get ramped up for driving donations to the American Red Cross.

As a network operator in the US – retail, ad, corporate or whatever – you can help in two ways.

You can run a video in your schedule that reinforces the need for donations for the many, many victims. A generic video from 2012 in support of the American Red Cross is available for immediate deployment on your network here. This Tornado Relief video does not specifically name any location or time period and uses general, royalty free images.

You can create your own video and use DOOHGood to get it distributed to other networks. We had a stack of videos created by different companies when the tsunami hit north Japan. Please help by creating PSA content at 720p/1080p at 15 or 30 seconds for inclusion on DOOH networks. Submit files via the upload link below.

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