LG Pranks Men At Urinals

April 19, 2013 by Dave Haynes

This is a new spin on an old trick – visuals of supermodels looking down at men doing their business at urinals – done by LG as a viral video to promote the life-like quality of its display products.

The company did a similar thing last year involving an elevator floor that supposedly fell away, but it was so obviously populated by actors I didn’t bother even posting about it.

This one is probably also actors, and not truly surprised men, because there are likely all kinds of invasion of privacy laws and regulations being otherwise violated here in the name of product marketing. It’s fairly doubtful four hidden cameras in a washroom would be OK’d.

The “science” behind the prank – determining the average stage fright delay brought on by being “watched” in the act by women – also gets me a little cross-eyed. This determines what?

Anyway, Digital OOH signage has found its way to YouTube.

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