Saddle Ranch Starts Marketing Content Library As A Service

April 17, 2013 by Dave Haynes

sdrContent shop Saddle Ranch Digital has started up a new $99/month subscription service aimed at re-marketing the big library of editorial content it has built up in recent years,

“The solution came about as a way to bridge the gap and update venues from static advertisements into the endless possibilities of digital signage,” says Kim Sarubbi, President of Saddle Ranch Digital. “We have developed a significant library of premium video content over the years and being able to offer easy, affordable access to this library allows us to bring more value to our clients.”

Saddle Ranch does a lot of work for, and has ties to, Care Media – which will be reflected in material that is particularly well-suited to smaller or one-off networks in the health care vertical.

There is no marketplace, as yet, and the feeds will be provided by manual processes (ie no automated feed).

It’s an interesting concept, though hardly unique. Re-marketing and getting some new money out of archival material is just a logical thing to do if you have the rights. I have long wondered (and I will provide the address to send me the royalty checks for the idea) why someone has not set up a proper marketplace to re-market all kinds of stuff produced for and by individual networks. It’s not a lot different from NBC running Friends and then putting the  shows into syndication for eternity.

The $99 price point here is probably workable for onesey-twosey kinds of networks, but any larger networks will want to see a pretty healthy volume discount to make it workable for them. Multiplying $99 by 100 gets you into six figures annually. There’s a point here it just makes more sense to hire content creators.

There also needs to be a lot of careful thinking about what will work and be meaningful in an environment like health care, versus what’s available cheap to pad out the programming between the ads or other messages.

Saddle Ranch’s website doesn’t make any mention of service, as yet. I had a quick email exchange with Sarubbi, who is on the road at the moment.

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