UCView Latest Digital Signage Software Firm To Go Android

April 3, 2013 by Dave Haynes


LA-based UCView appears poised to be the latest digital signage software company to release an Android product, or in this case, a pair of them.

The news release came out on April Fool’s Day (my free PR advice: don’t do PR that day), but I assume CEO Guy Avital is serious (why would he not be?) about launching a low-cost hardware option. His company has played in the low barrier to entry, SMB space for years, so it makes sense.

The release says UCView will introduce soon an “ARM Caster” series of players that are small and run the open source Android operating system. “This is one of the smallest series available in the market, however, it is unexpectedly powerful for its size and can be utilized for many applications in the market place.” says Avital. “We see these affordable players being an ideal tool for menu boards, retail environment and many more applications.”

The ARM Caster HD1 and ARM Caster HD2 will cost from $50-$150, and based on the name, presumably run the same sort of low-cost ARM CPUs that are under the hood of the other Android units that have come out in the past year. One looks like the candy bar form factor a few other companies have used, while the other looks like an outtake from Honey I Shrunk The PC. Weird.


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