Heading Back To LV

April 2, 2013 by Dave Haynes


It has been a whole month, I think, since I’ve had to flash my passport and empty my pockets at an airport – but that all changes tomorrow. Back to Las Vegas, which was my last trip.

I am going to the International Sign Association trade show – called SignExpo – at the Mandalay Bay. Never been, but a client has a big presence there for the first time, and I’ll be hanging out at that booth listening to what people in the analog sign business have to say about transitioning to the digital business.

Some observers and print industry people acknowledge its inevitable, while other observers will tell you the leap is too much for a lot of the companies in that industry. I’ve seen this movie when I was running digital for a daily newspaper. Some newspaper people got it and understood the looming transition and impact. But many, many didn’t. That’s why I left.

To me, adding digital display capability makes sense to many printing companies, big or tiny. But they have to be shown how this tech relates to them and how they’d apply. My guess is both the hardware and software guys have been telling them “It’s easy!” but making it look really complicated.

This will resonate with people if they can understand this is a relatively easy, evolutionary move that doesn’t need a pile of training or IT investment, and means the posters they now print and install for customers are the digital posters they now output, distribute and manage for those same customers in the future.

There is a “Dynamic Digital Signage” education day tomorrow, but it’s the usual suspects squad. Will skip that. And why are people still insisting on repackaging the name of this sector? Do we need to reinforce it’s dynamic so people don’t think it’s listless? Goofy.

I am sticking around for a weekend vendor summit event that involves education and  golf (if you live in LV anywhere near a course called Desert Pines, put your car in the garage Saturday afternoon and assume you will hear FORE!!! a lot).

Then I am going to blast through the National Association of Broadcasters show on Monday. NAB is about TV but the lines continue to blur between what’s “TV” and “online” and “public displays.” Been there before. Like InfoComm, a lot of it has nothing to with this space, but there’s still a pile of interesting things to see and learn about.


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