Projects: 170 Sq. Ft. Of Sign At DC Convention Hall

March 28, 2013 by Dave Haynes


NanoLumens now has a very large, very prominent showpiece install in the US Capitol it send potential clients over to see.

The Atlanta-based company is making noise about a new 7.5 foot high by 23 foot wide LED panel above one of the main hall entryways at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center in Washington D.C.

The 6 mm pixel pitch NanoSlim DS display fit the needs of Digital Conventions, which operates all the digital signage at the convention center.

“When I first learned about NanoLumens’ display technology in 2011, I immediately thought of Hall D,” says St. Elmo Crawford, President of Digital Conventions. “But the size requirements were just too unique at the time. With the new NanoSlim DS line we were able to have a display built to our exact specifications, giving us a super bright, energy efficient, long-life display that is big enough to be seen clearly from 100 feet away. A projection system wouldn’t work here because of the bright ambient light, and any other manufacturer’s digital display would have weighed 5-10 times as much. The NanoLumens display provides 170 square feet of signage space and weighs less than 1,000 pounds! The display needed to be suspended from wires because of space constraints, and hanging a 10,000-pound display where people are walking under it was simply not an option.”

Indeed, given what happened a few days ago inBirmingham, AL.

Digital Conventions started using NanoLumens displays as large temporary signs last year. “Our first NanoFlex displays were a hit in areas where we don’t have permanent signage, and they allowed us to sell more services to our clients without massive installation costs,” Crawford says. “That enthusiasm carried forward to the new DS display at Hall D, which was installed in early March and used immediately for the 2013 AIPAC Policy Conference. The organizers used it as an information and overflow video display, so people who were waiting in line to enter the conference could watch the speeches from outside the hall. The immediate response when event organizers see the display is ‘How do we get that as part of our display package?’”


The display is nice but what’s interesting is the approach of using digital for marketing at trade shows. If you to trade shows you know giant print banners get hung here, there and everywhere, and would have a sense digital probably made more sense if was something prominent that could be rented.

“I’ve spoken with the people in charge of technology at a few other convention centers, and after a short conversation about our signage programs they all realized this is something they will have to incorporate to stay competitive and relevant,” says Crawford. “We’ve had immediate success with this massive display, selling space to several major conventions in the first month after installation. We had a vision that we knew would increase our bookings, revenues and client satisfaction, and NanoLumens took that vision and made it a real, physical display.”



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