Pattison Lights Up New LRT Platform Network In Edmonton

March 27, 2013 by Dave Haynes

Love the voiceover from the talent who apparently just came from a monster truck/demolition derby ad voiceover session ;-]

Anyway, Pattison Outdoor Advertising has launched LRT-TV in oil and gas-rich boomtown Edmonton, Alberta (fascinating tidbit: I was born there in the late 1700s). The Digital OOH network is running at 10 light rail transit platforms on the city’s commuter rail network.

The system borrows from what Pattison owns and runs on the Toronto subway system. The network is one of several running in the country, almost all of them with different media providers.

I like the next train in X minutes feature. Not sure I would describe the audience as “captive” (90% will stare at their phone screens as they wait) but that’s a debate for the media buyers and sellers.

Says a news release:


Pattison Outdoor and Edmonton Transit System (ETS) are set to launch a new Digital Transit Network, one similar to the TTC Transit Network. This new network will provide digital messaging in 10 key LRT stations with a total of 34 digital screens. With a reach of over 500,000 commuters weekly, these screens will provide advertisers additional marketing tools to promote their brand, product or event. The addition of this Digital Network will also enhance the current products offered at ETS Stations and Transit Vehicles.

Pattison Outdoor and Edmonton Transit are extremely pleased with the installation and upcoming launch of the ONLY Digital Media in a captive LRT environment.  The proven success of a digital advertising platform TTC enabled Pattison and ETS to develop this new network to provide advertisers with a proven and cost effective advertising platform and engage over 500,000+ commuters with real-time news content, transit information and advertising messages.

With Pattison’s SmartAD® technology, advertisers and the ETS will be able to provide commuters with the capabilities to deliver timely and relevant information in real-time format…Next Train Arriving in 5 minutes.

ETS is one of the fastest growing Transit Systems in the country with expansion plans that will cover all three major post-secondary institutions (UofA, NAIT & Grant MacEwan University) increasing ridership by approximately 100,000 weekly.

ETS with a fleet of 955 Buses and 74 Rail Vehicles services an area covering over 264 square miles, with a service population of 793,000.

“We are extremely pleased to be partnering with Pattison Outdoor a proven leader in the Digital Advertising Network. Their knowledge and understanding of the products, and in particular our customers needs, made this a natural step in our business relationship”….Charles Stolte Manager, Edmonton Transit System.

Brian de Ruiter – VP & General Manager, Prairie Region for Pattison Outdoor had this to say… “As we continue to expand our markets and product offerings across Canada, we are excited about the prospects of this new Digital Transit Network and our business relationship with ETS. This new Digital Network will enable us to offer our advertisers the latest in digital advertising medium. Pattison is now the largest provider of Transit in Canada covering over 30 markets with traditional and digital advertising platforms.”

Pattison Outdoor is a full service Out-of-Home media company, providing end-to-end campaign support including: planning, management, creative services, production and 24/7 network monitoring.


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