Job Posts You Never Used To See

March 27, 2013 by Dave Haynes

A LinkedIn request pulled me into that site just now, and I caught on a sidebar a couple of intriguing jobs posts for gigs with big Canadian retailers. It’s only been really recently – and I mean really recently – that I have ever noticed jobs that specifically talked about managing in-store digital.

This one is for a Manager of In Store Digital Operations for FGL Sports, which is Sport Chek, which is kinda like Dick’s or The Sports Authority in the U.S.

The Manager In Store Digital Operations is responsible for the overall performance and campaign management of store digital media. This position will create and execute in store digital media campaigns and manage media schedules, traffic digital materials, produce media reports, and reconcile budgets. 

The gig is in Calgary.

holtrThen there is this one for Holt Renfrew, a very high end apparel chain in Canada whose staff would likely be amused if I walked in and acted like I would buy something beyond socks.

The Toronto-based gig is Manager, Digital Content, which includes digital signage, social, online and on and on. Busy job.

The Manager, Digital Content is responsible for creating, managing and maintaining the creative assets for the primary website, digital signage as well as mobile and social applications in order to create a best-in-class digital footprint for the Holt Renfrew brand. They have a strong user understanding and demonstrate expertise in digital content, graphic design, usability, architecture and development.

Sure, there have been jobs here and there over the years, but the idea of in-store digital seems to have made the transition from an eye candy thing into a proper, budgeted role requiring manager-level attention.

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