Visix Debuts Entry-Level Flanker Brand

March 26, 2013 by Dave Haynes

entry-level-digital-signageVisix has joined the list of digital signage software companies that have developed something of a “flanker” brand – a lower cost option for prospective customers who don’t have the budget or need for the full meal deal product.

Called APPOINT, the product is aimed at categories like K-12 schools, small businesses, local franchises and clinics, whereas as the flagship product goes after higher ed and corporate communications customers.

APPOINT is stripped down to basics, including the amount of overhead required by the company to sell it. Each of three components of the product can be downloaded directly from a website on free 60-day trials, and then purchased and licensed for use through the site’s online portal:

The three elements are:

The  main premise is that users can design stuff in PowerPoint and output to video and then schedule. The quality of what’s on the screen will, of course, be as high or low as the creative skills and eyes of the user. So will get some nice stuff and a lot of ghastly work, as we’ve also seen when people are let loose with presentation software.

Visix sells its stuff on a perpetual license basis (as opposed to recurring SaaS fees). A license for APPOINT is $499 and you need $120 for PowerPoint (required), plus a Windows license, plus a PC. So … it will appeal to users already familiar and interested in  Visix, but might struggle for adoption in a field increasingly crowded by low-cost SaaS options and, particularly, $100 Android players that are not “lite” solutions.

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