Research: CBS Europe Study Suggests OOH Best Trigger For Interactive

March 26, 2013 by Dave Haynes

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CBS Outdoor International has released results of pan-European research that suggests outdoor advertising is a more effective trigger for interactive than other forms of mainstream media. The research asserts that consumers are more likely to buy something online, ‘Like’ a brand on Facebook and download an app after seeing an outdoor ad vs. TV, radio and print.

The company’s Interactive Europe report is an annual study of more than 5,000 people in six European countries. In total 77% of consumers reported doing something as a direct result of seeing an outdoor ad, including:

The report also says:

Screen Shot 2013-03-26 at 8.55.41 AMSteep growth in smartphone ownership, up almost 34% y-o-y, has allowed brands to increase engagement with consumers via mobile however, interestingly, despite a tenfold rise in 2011 for near field communication (NFC) smartphones, there was only a marginal increase in NFC awareness by consumers (from 6% to 8%). This reinforces the need for brands to continue educating consumers on the benefits of interactive advertising technologies available.

New this year and designed to help quantify the impact of interactive outdoor advertising in engaging consumers, the survey also evaluated three interactive client campaigns comprised of different categories, markets, formats and interactive technologies.  The campaigns revealed a:

The report suggests a set of rules to follow for interactive campaigns:

 1)      The creative should be explicit in communicating the core message and in showing people if and how they can interact with the ad

2)      There needs to be an obvious benefit (and one of perceived value) for consumers in order for them to interact and take away a positive perception of the brand 

3)      The implications of the halo effect (positive & negative) should be considered – people will watch others interact both in the physical and virtual worlds

1 and 2 are kinda “Well, duh” things, but 3 is interesting.

“The research shows that outdoor advertising presents the opportunity to supplement reach and promote deeper levels of engagement,” says CBS Outdoor International’s CEO Antonio Alonso. “Additionally, with smart device ownership continuing to grow, even amongst older demographics, it is clear that outdoor advertising is beginning to offer brands new channels for distribution and direct marketing. This report, coupled with the launch of our new positioning ‘engaging audiences’, brings to the fore our continued focus and commitment to delivering valuable audiences for advertisers.”


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