Adcentricity Surfaces; Announces Rep Deal With Sports LED Board Network

March 11, 2013 by Dave Haynes


Adcentricity has been more than a tad quiet since it was acquired by another Toronto firm, Bee Media, in April 2012 – to the point that I wondered if the company was still doing Digital OOH media network sales.

It is, evidently.

The company has sent around a press release saying it is providing a “complete multi-channel marketing service” for the Sportrons Stadium Advertising Network. Sportrons is described as the largest digital out of home sports network in America, with the scope to reach 252 million pro, minor and college sports fans in more than 800 venues across all of the top 100 DMAs.

Honestly, never ever heard of the network, though that’s indicative of nothing. The network is those big-assed LED boards (what used to be called Jumbotrons) in all kinds of stadiums, ballparks and arenas. The company is based in the Quad Cities metro area (2.5 hours west of Chicago). Not exactly a beehive of media planning activity, which might explain the hope that Adcentricity can rep this.

Shopper Connect, part of ADCentricity’s multi-channel approach to location-based solutions, provides a suite of products and services that drive consumer engagement by delivering relevant, contextual and targeted content to all types of location-based digital media, along the path-to-purchase. The inclusion of Sportrons’ 800-venue network and digital media capabilities, to ADCentricity’s 250,000+ digital media assets already under management, is a significant enhancement to Shopper Connect’s capabilities and its consumer reach and influence. The addition of Sportrons to ADCentricity’s offering is of particular value, due to the size, demography, loyalty and strong alignment these audiences have with the biggest, most popular ‘brands’ in professional sport.

ADCentral, ADCentricity’s proprietary location-based management platform, can plan, deliver and analyze location-based marketing campaigns to reach consumers in and around a variety of venue categories and media types. Today inside sports venues, ADCentricity and Sportrons offer multiple media types including; print, mobile programs, mobile applications, radio and different in-venue display options …

Good to see Adcentricity is still active, though ALL of the people who built and ran the company are long gone.

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