Mixer Wrap-Up And 2014 Plans

March 5, 2013 by Dave Haynes


Mixer sponsor Capital Networks: Bil Trainor (L), Jim Vair and Angelo Kosmidis

I sent off an email to everyone who registered for last week’s mixer, thanking them for coming out (297 did) and asking for comments. A separate email went to sponsors.

The consensus seems to be that the venue was ideal in location, size, style and service – so our much-travelled little event may finally have a home. We already have a hold on it for 2014. We also already have half of the sponsorship commitments in place, pretty much without asking, for next year.

Having an event planner made a huge difference on the night, with badges and lanyards ready, and all the details nicely covered off. I think the badges are a nice touch as people can quickly understand who’s in the conversation and what they do.

Things we’ll add:

– coat check (it risks being chilly on Feb. 11)

– pre-called taxis (taxis wait at hotels for fares, not bars)

We could easily add more people to this venue, but 300 is a nice big number. There are many, many people I didn’t even see who came up to me the next day and said they enjoyed the night, so that’s my clue that more people is not the way to go.

If you have thoughts on improvements or additions, use the comments or send me a note.

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