Intel And Sapient Demo’d Nice Interactive Retail Piece At DSE (with Video)

March 5, 2013 by Dave Haynes

I have seen some stuff at Intel‘s booth at past DSEs that I thought were interesting but didn’t have a prayer of ever getting outside a trade show booth environment. But as I squeezed and slipped my way through Intel’s glass corral last week I saw some stuff that I thought had legs.

The one that really caught my eye was an interactive product chooser for a fictional outdoor recreation retailer, as developed by digital retail marketing agency SapientNitro.

It was nice on several counts:

I liked this a lot as a wall-mounted or support column mounted unit in the right environment.

This is Sapient, so you are getting agency-grade creative and agency-grade (read $$$$$) billable rates, but those costs would flatten out when applied across a whole chain. It is also not brand new, with the concept and interface shown at trade shows for the past few months. Still, good is good.

Video from rAVePubs, which had people with lower-end cameras running around hitting most booths on the floor last week. The interview subject is FK Funderburke of Sapient. rAVe has a PILE of videos from DSE here.

Here’s another video from Sapient on the same concept:

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