More DSE Vids Coming

March 1, 2013 by Dave Haynes


My video guys from Studio 10 shot two more show floor videos with me yesterday and they should be up this weekend. We couldn’t do it until the show was just about closed down, so there was not time to edit, unless they opted to edit instead of tear it up last night. Last I heard they were at a steakhouse.

We ran around and did pieces on Samsung’s SoC product, which the more I see the more I think is a big deal. I also did a piece on the little booths off to the side that don’t the attention but sometime have the most interesting stuff. I was impressed by Perch Interactive and intrigued by a company that can cut an LCD to the size you need, ie a panel with a 16:4 aspect ratio, or something equally weird.

Heading home. Good show. Long week. Now to catch up on a week and a half pretty much off the grid.

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