Preset Mixer: Who’s Going (Chart)

February 16, 2013 by Dave Haynes


Here’s a look at how the nearly 350 people coming to the mixer breaks down in terms of what they do. The actual number of end-users is higher than that (I have a non-official list and also see how people are registered). But I wouldn’t expect a whole pile of end-users coming to DSE for likely the first time to even know about this event.

We have several clients coming and have suggested they might want to turn their badges around so they aren’t pitched by endless vendors and consultants. And by the way, there are 23 consultants in this space??? As you might expect, the biggest percentages of attendees break down, like the show, as software and hardware folks.

Just a little more than a week out and just a few days before I head down, with a stop first in Phoenix and Sedona. Safe travels to all.

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