Mixer Sponsor Profiles: Multiband USA

February 12, 2013 by Dave Haynes


The Preset Mixer is now just two weeks out and it is time to start profiles of the great companies that kindly chipped in financial support to pull off an event for some 300 people.

First up is Multiband, which in very broad strokes does digital signage deployments. I asked Matt Weldon, the National Sales Director of Advanced Products for Multiband Subscriber Services, which is in the Twin Cities area.

Q – Can you give me the story on what Multiband is all about?

A – Multiband  is a public, NASDAQ-listed company (MBND). Multiband Corporation, through a variety of wholly owned subsidiaries, engages with a vast and growing array of technologies including renewable energy, wireless infrastructure, electrical power systems, digital signage, commercial audio/video solutions, hospitality IPTV and VOD systems.

Me: I’m thinking he might have used copy/paste there :-]

Multiband focuses on providing world-class customer service and the highest level of performance for all of our partners and customers, from multinational corporations to individual families. Multiband is headquartered in Minneapolis, MN, and has offices strategically placed around the continental United States.

weldonQ – How large is the company?

A – Multiband employs about 4,000 people spread across  31 offices throughout the country with the bulk of that number being field technicians.  We currently have around 2,700 employee techs and complete about 6,000 site visits a day as a company.

Q – We assume your guys can hang and bang screens all over the country, but what’s the full scope of what Multiband can do?

A – Multiband can do many things.  We have a very powerful engineering department with some very smart folks that design wireless environments, distributed antennae systems, and just about any other communication platforms you can think of.  We also own and operate our very own 24/7 technical support center, we have 27 warehouses across the US for staging and kitting, and we have a large training department that makes sure our technicians are ready to tackle the task at hand.

Q – Are there particular verticals that are hotter than others?

A – We have been seeing a lot of activity and growth in the healthcare space and plenty of activity related to digital menu boards in the QSR industry.  Overall, we have seen an increase in activity across all of the verticals over the last 12-18 months, which is great.

Q – What would you love your customers to understand about deployments?

A – Involve us early in the process.  I’ve seen too many projects where the deployment partner is engaged late in the game. There is a lot of time and energy invested in these projects and the installation component seems to be an after-thought in many cases.

Big company, with a lot of horsepower. Matt’s a great guy and has been around this space for several years. Look for him at the mixer.


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