Sightings: Transparent LCDs Done Right

January 29, 2013 by Dave Haynes

I followed a link to some unrelated video from the show floor at ISE in Amsterdam, which (as often happens online) took me somewhere else and to this piece of video. This company, TransLook, does the much-copied transparent LCD thing, but does content way, way better than most of what I have seen out there.

Two things stand out here:

1 – Gorgeous visuals that aren’t washed out, which often seems the case with these transparent displays that use the lighting in the enclosures to drive images. It undoubtedly helps that the ambient light in this video is limited, and this probably would not look anywhere as good in a brightly lit big box store;

2 – The interactive piece includes the ability to rotate the handbag, which could as easily be a shoe or watch.

Nicely done.

I THINK TransLook is a S. Korean company and part of a larger group called Vinyl. They have one of those maddeningly over-designed websites that look slick but are shy on derails.


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