Christie Adds Outdoor Panels To Lesser-Known LCD Product Line

January 24, 2013 by Dave Haynes

Christie FHD551-W WeatherAll Flat PanelLCD flat panels are definitely not products readily associated with Christie, which is a big, big player based on its projector technology and more recently its MicroTiles.

But the company also does LCDs – or at least takes LCD technology and does its own spin on that display tech.

Christie has had LCDs for a while, but has now introduced a new series aimed for the very challenging and surprisingly competitive outdoor display enclosure business.

The company is doing a global launch for its new WeatherAll Series of LCD outdoor flat panels Integrated Systems Europe (ISE) next week in Amsterdam. The first unit is a 55-inch full HD panel with LED backlighting, aimed at sports, live events, hospitality and resorts, transport and no doubt, out of home advertising.

“Christie is at the forefront in offering what customers need and the WeatherAll Series is designed to be the clear choice in an outdoor weatherproof display solution,” said Frank Anzures, senior product manager, Christie. “First in our WeatherAll Series, the Christie FHD551-W is easy to maintain while providing robustness and the vivid picture quality needed when presenting your message outdoors.”

The units have optically bonded glass, high contrast ratios and big brightness, as well as integrated speakers, in a sleek enclosure.

“The typical flat panel displays are not designed for outdoor use and the risk of damage when exposed to the elements is very high. However, the high definition Christie FHD551-W is designed to be IP56 rated / NEMA4 and has a DACS filtration system to protect it and allow for it to be used in harsh weather conditions  and withstand the abuse of  public display areas,” said Anzures. “With the addition of optically bonded glass it increases sunlight readability by up to 400 percent when compared with standard flat panels and increases scratch and impact resistance by up to 300 percent.”

For superior dependability in the most challenging outdoor environments, the DACS cooling & filtration system provides a thermostatically-controlled active system that protects sensitive electronics from temperature extremes, moisture, and dust. The advanced easy-clean solution eliminates the need for core filter replacement. The FHD551-W features a weather rating of IP56/NEMA4, providing protection against solid foreign objects such as falling dirt or windblown dust in addition to rain, sleet, snow, ice and splashing or hosed water. 

“The Christie FHD551-W can easily manage temperatures ranging from a scorching 45 degrees Celsius (114 degrees Fahrenheit) all the way down to a bone chilling minus 20 degrees Celsius (minus 4 degrees Fahrenheit), as well as rain, snow, dust and high humidity, without those factors affecting performance. This new outdoor flat panel also boasts integrated weatherproof speakers to provide a full solution for outdoor use,” added Anzures.

The units are now shipping. No price provided, but thinking $100-plus. OK, maybe more than that.


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