Dish-Spinner Needed

January 20, 2013 by Dave Haynes


Mr. Google Alerts scrubbed the intertubes and found this job search post for some poor soul who gets to do just about everything, it seems, on a digital signage network except accounting.

Digital Signage Designer


Provide daily oversight and execution of digital signage initiatives. The function of this position will range in scope from coordination to internal operations documentation, creative design layout and technical oversight. This position will require a passion for the technical requirements of digital signage as well as creative and aesthetic aspects.

The ideal candidate is a strong technical and creative services contributor with excellent customer interfacing skills. Must be able to work independently with customers and take ownership of signage system and its needs.

And then it goes into details …

You need to know Final Cut Pro and After Effects, but you also need to be able to climb a ladder and lift up to 50 pounds.

And you need a strong IT/networking background.

And you need a good grasp of branding and marketing.

No idea where the job is located (the headhunter is in Virginia), but good luck to whoever takes this gig.

It’s the reality of start-ups, but you’re probably in a better position to win a lottery than get someone who is strong at such a wide range of things, and will happily work for what is probably peanuts.


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