Phil Cohen New Head Of Digital Signage Federation

January 17, 2013 by Dave Haynes

The Digital Signage Federation has done its annual board vote, and Phil Cohen of Care Media has been pegged as the new Chairman.

Consultant/trainer Alan Brawn becomes Chairman Emeritus, Kim Sarubbi of Saddle Ranch Digital shifts to Vice Chairman and Ken Goldberg (Real Digital Media) is the Secretary/Treasurer.

Carre Dawson (Harris), Jeff Dowell (3M), Brian Dusho (Broadsign), and Jack Sullivan (Starcom) return for a second term in their role as At-Large Directors.

New to the board are:

Adding Dearborn is a nice move, as is Ventura. Can’t speak for the others because I know the names, but that’s about it. Having end-users is pretty critical to developing any kind of 360 degree view on the sector.

This could get pretty funny, as the people previously at the helm have been pretty quiet. Cohen, on the other hand, does a sometimes bombastic, seemingly-had-a-couple-of-cocktails video blog and happily goes off on whatever gets his head shaking.

This space doesn’t need cheerleading. It needs brutal honesty. Go get ’em, Phil.

Not a member. Not gonna be. I sit on enough conference calls as it is. But I applaud the people who make the effort and take the time for this stuff.

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