And We’re Back

January 2, 2013 by Dave Haynes


Happy 2013.

Remarkably, for me, I closed the lid on my laptop on Dec. 21 and really didn’t crack it again until Jan. 2. I don’t think I missed much, and any company that was pushing out press releases with actual (or any) significance in the last 10 days needs to get better PR advice.

One company pushed out a news release – pretty much about nothing – midday on New Year’s Eve. The response on that probably melted servers at Rackspace.

Anyway, roughly a week after returning from a great few days with family in Winnipeg (minus freakin’ 24 Celsius was the HIGH one day), some feeling is returning to my extremities and I should be back to my Mr. Crankypants blogging ways tomorrow.

Look for a piece on the ever-growing pile of companies announcing Android-based players and supporting software.

No 2013 predictions from me, or Best Of lists. I don’t see a lot of benefit in “predicting” what’s obvious (like more contraction or mobile is BIG). And I’ll start doing Best Of lists when the executions are on rollouts, not on money-is-no-object one-off’s and flagships.

The Best Of list for stuff that’s out in big numbers would be pretty short. It’s terrific that so many QSR’s are making the shift, but it’s hard to get my pulse elevated seeing LCDs where there used to be backlit duratrans. Great for the industry, but in just about every case, a big yawn in terms of execution. It says something when I get excited that the company actually used legible, properly sized fonts.

Where’s my egg nog?

  1. Sounds like you need another golf vacation, but this time with your insurance agent.

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