Excalibur Hotel And Casino Places Bets On Digital Menu Boards

December 9, 2012 by Dave Haynes

The Excalibur Hotel and Casino in Lost Wages has done a major refresh of its food court area, and eight different  concessions are all using digital menu boards developed by WAND Corporation.

The Castle Walk food court in what is – to my surprise – the 7th biggest hotel in the world, has outlets ranging from the famous like Krispy Kreme to the slightly scary Hot Dog on a Stick.

“WAND was chosen to be the partner for Excalibur based on their product, history of customer service excellence, and overall experience,” says Lincoln Spoor, spokesperson for Feel Good Brands, LLC, which manages the food court. “No one else could deliver on the level, scope, or complexity of such an undertaking in the time allowed.”

Says a release:

WAND Digital Menu Boards were deployed throughout the food court, reflecting the menus and brand identities of eight different concepts. Through WAND Total Restaurant Management (TRM) software, authorized users can adjust, change, and update content and prices in minutes from anywhere in the world with an internet connection.

“Freedom and speed were part of our decision to choose WAND,” adds Spoor. “In 2012, the ability to control change should be something I can hold in the palm of my hand.”

WAND has its roots in QSR Point Of Sale and has nicely made a logical extension of their business base in menu boards. They also have systems running in restaurants in hospitals, international airports, overseas, and in other unique and special venues.

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