Mediacos Release Paper On NFC And Mobile Marketing

November 28, 2012 by Dave Haynes

A couple of out of home ad companies and a mobile services provider have put together a good, entry-level white paper looking at NFC from the lens of advertising and engagement (not payment) in Canada and further afield.

Called NFC and Marketing: Bridging the Gap, the white paper provides numbers and some analysis, and looks at case studies of near field in use.

The document is a collaborative project between Gauge Mobile, Newad and Astral Out-Of-Home. It’s a free download here.

“We found that there wasn’t a lot of publicly available information on this exciting new technology, especially on how it applies to marketing. As a leader in NFC and mobile marketing in Canada we wanted to fill that void for marketers,” says Tony Vassiliev, Co-Founder of Gauge Mobile. “Our partners contributed immensely by providing relevant research, content, and Canadian case studies. It was a collaborative effort which we hope will provide clarity to an important, but sometimes confusing, area of mobile marketing.”

“NFC has many exciting use cases, but a lot of education is still required to help both consumers and marketers become aware of the enormous potential it holds,” says Jerrid Grimm, VP Client Service at Newad. “This white paper is a step in the right direction.”

If you spend your days thinking about NFC and mobile engagement, there’s likely very little you don’t already know. But for newbies or people with a drive-by understanding, this is a useful piece.


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